Toning Muscles from Mini Trampoline

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Have you ever heard about the huge benefits of a trampoline? Several statistics below ensures to make you surprised. According to the survey of health professionals, 15 minutes jumping on the trampoline is parallel 30 minutes exercising with the treadmill. In addition, exercising on the mini trampoline could burn up to 200 calories per hour. Wow, how amazing they are! Some people will wonder whether the mini trampoline could tone muscles or not. The answer is “Yes”. A mini trampoline is effectively used to lose weight and tone muscles. It is wonderful that simple workouts on the trampoline could deliver tons of health benefits that turn human life into the positive way. Keep on reading and discover the efficient way a mini trampoline tones your muscles.

trampoline excersices

What is a Mini Trampoline?

A mini trampoline has another name of rebounder, which allows users to jump for fun or do exercises on its surface. It could be used for both indoor and outdoor activities. The mini trampoline varies greatly into different aspects, such as materials, heights, sizes, shapes and more. Some modern trampolines nowadays feature supportive accessories like folding legs for the great ease of carrying and storing.  Normally, the larger size of a mini trampoline is considered to be safer than the smaller one. However, it also leads to higher cost in requirement. Therefore, consider carefully before purchasing a mini trampoline.

mini trampoline

How Does a Mini Trampoline Improve Muscle Tones?

A great benefit of exercising on the trampoline in comparison with other methods is its low impact on legs and joints. As a result, you could do various types of exercises on the trampoline without any pressure of injuries or damages. One fact is that it is not too difficult for doing exercises on the trampoline. More specifically, you could apply walking, jumping, twisting, jogging, seating at place, etc…for the great workout effectiveness. You could do each type of exercises separately or combine all of them together.

In addition, you could use handheld weights in your exercises for better muscle effectiveness. It is obvious that the equipment of handheld weights plays an important role in improving your general health. Through different movements of lifting the handheld weights up and down, it helps enhance your heart rate by supplying an abundant source of oxygen and nutrition. It is advisable for you to select right weights to add into muscle exercises to enhance your endurance.

These exercises put positive impact on different muscles of your body, including abdominals, shoulders, arms, legs and upper back. They also support your correct posture by keeping the spine balanced and maintaining the great combination between feet and legs. Through the burning of calories, it improves both quantity and strength of your lean muscles by improving their fibers.

Safety Warnings

Before applying any kind of fitness equipment, you should ask the doctors for support. They help give you the best guides to use the equipment in a right way. Remember to wear sporty shoes for each time of jumping on the pad because it helps you avoid sliding on the trampoline surface. Moreover, you had better read the instructions from manufactures for effective usability.

Refer: Mary Mcclellan Blog

Things to known when Buying a Portable Massage Chair

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portable massage chair

Portable massage chairs let you conveniently do massage anywhere without complex installation. Use this guide to find the portable massage chair that will help you do a massage anywhere.

This guide will point out things that you must consider when you are going to buy a new portable massage chair and also help you to choose the best place to buy it.

What to Consider When Buying a Portable Massage Chair?

What to Consider When Buying

When you are going to purchase a portable massage chair, there are many things you have to know about.

First you will need to determine your demand on the portable massage chair you want. To do that, let answer some following questions:

  • What kind of massage chair do you want? Do you want a chair to sit on or a table to lie on?
  • What is the maximum dimension of that chair/table do you need?
  • What is the maximum weight capacity?
  • How about the adjustability of that product?
  • What is the size of that product when it folds up?
  • Do you care about warranty of the product?

After answer all these questions, you can consider more about the price, the brand and then finally how to buy it.

Sometimes what you need is over your affordability, so maybe you will need to limit the need or pay more money to take the chair that best fit for you.

portable massage chair

This may be hard for you to imagine the process, so let me give you an example. For example, I need a chair that supports a man that is over 6 feet tall and over 200 lbs weight. I also need some adjustable functions and fold up function, this chair must be not too heavy and too large when fold up. After reading some reviews, I found out that Master Massage provide a lot of models that are suitable for my need. Moreover, I can only pay under $300 for that chair. So finally, Master Massage Professional Portable Massage Chair, Blue (From Master Massage) is my choice because it has all the functions I need and it costs only $189.99, it also has good review and rate from customers on Amazon.

Where to Purchase a Portable Massage Chair?

buy on amazon

After deciding which chair you’re going to buy, then another question comes up: Where to buy it? Many local stores may sell the chair that you need but the price may vary from the price on Amazon or on other online stores. Or you don’t have time to go to store and buy it yourself then the best choice for you is to order it from an online store. Moreover, you also get great deals, discounts and coupons from online store. There are a lot of reviews on the online stores to help you have more information about the product. Another reason to buy a portable massage chair online is this product is light weight so the shipping fee is usually free.

The most important thing when buying a portable massage chair is reading as many reviews as you can. The more reviews you read, the better choice you have. Not only help you decide which kind of chair you want, it also helps you know which the better brand is, which the cheapest but having the best function for you is.

How to use TENS machine properly?

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Good morning everyone. We come back to you shortly today with some very useful tips for the thousands of people who need help from TENS to reduce their long-term pains. We may all know the huge impact of this mystery – item recently, but not all of you know how to use them properly.

How to use TENS machine properly


Even there are hundreds of experiments were conducted in recent years for testing the real effective of TENS to the relieve pain on human being, the sciencetific evidence is still not clear enough. One of the up most explained reason is that the body of each of us is unique and not all of the internal body could matches with TENS function. We need more researches and trials to improve the quality connection between two objectives.

Recently research show that TENS work very well with some people, depending on many elements, mostly from their body condition, psychologies, somehow characteristics. Generally, after switching on the machine, people can feel the pain reduction after 40 minutes. You could feel some tingling sensation at the beginning, the power adjustment of the machine is required to make sure you can feel more comfortable.

If you are suffered bad injuries due to arthritis, back pain, sport injuries, period pain, knee pain, neck pain ……. using TENS is not a bad idea. It is not necessary to have advices from a physiotherapist, if you already experience something similar before. However, the physiotherapist will help you to judge your condition and give you some prescription to use the TENS more useful.


Please do not place the self-adhere pads over some area below:

  • Front or side of your neck ( we both know this is where main blood vessels stream)
  • Your temples
  • Your mouth or eyes
  • Your heart (on the left-hand side of your chest)
  • Irritated, delicate or broken skin
  • Varicose veins
  • Numb

You can find TENS machine from a pharmacy. The price of TENS doesn’t reflect it’s effective because in many situations, all you need is to do some test and choose the right one which is suitable with your condition. Normally, prices range from about £10-£200.


+ You are using pacemaker or some kind of similar item.

+ you’re pregnant, or if there’s a chance you might be pregnant

+ You have epilepsy or a heart rhythm disorder

+ You experience an allergic reaction to the electrodes (it’s possible to get hypoallergenic electrodes)

+ You have broken skin, varicose veins or recent scarring (if you have intention to use TENS near this area)

+ you’re driving

+ You’re having a bath or near water sources.

+ You can use TENS while flying, but you should inform the airline first.

We hope this tips could somehow help you to make this machine more helpful. Thank you for your reading and see you on next awesome article.

Learning Facts about TENS Unit

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One of the popular new method for relieving a numerous type of pains is TENS unit. TENS unit stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. Well the name is pretty complicated but the technology which is behind it is very straightforward. The TENS unit usually comprise of electrodes with sticky pads along with a unit which monitors the power of the electrical pulse send to the body. Usually when the switch is on, it emits electrical pulses which travels through the electrodes into the body stimulating the nerves present in those areas. It is very easy to find TENS Unit for pain relief as this technology is very prevalent as an essential pain relief solution.

Learning Facts about TENS Unit

Instructions about how to use a TENS Unit

  • TENS machine is so designed so that it can be moved around. You can easily keep the machine into a pocket or clip it along with a belt.
  • Before placing the electrodes pads, make sure that the machine is properly switched off.
  • It is very necessary to test the machine by properly holding the pads between one’s fingers and then it should be turned on. You will feel a tingling sensation.
  • Keep in mind that the skin should be clean where the pads are applied. There should be no cuts, grazes in the areas of the skin.
  • Properly place the pads on either side of the pain causing area. Use either self-adhesive pads or rubber pads which should be effectively covered on the surface where the electrode is placed. Apply a thin layer of conductive gel. There should be a distance of 2-3 cm between the pads. Take help from your doctors how to use.
  • Properly fix the pads to the skin with the help of tape if plan to move around.
  • Set the pulse rate as per your required setting like about 100 Hz which is right to start with.
  • Switch on the machine slowly and then turn it up slowly till the wearer feels a tingling sensation. Well the sensation can be strong but may not be comfortable. After a few minutes have passed, the sensation will drop away slightly. When this happens, the machine should be turned up slightly and leave the rest for use. The electric current should be turned on too high as this may cause over stimulation and make the pain worse. There should not be any muscle contraction.
  • At the end of the session, the machine should be turned off and the electrode should be disconnected from the machine. Well if you are using TENS unit again then there is no need to remove the electrodes from your body. Just tuck in the wires and continue with the therapy.
  • Keep in mind that the pads or tape should not irritate your skin. So if the skin is red then you use some other type of pads or contact gel.
  • Whenever the machine is switched on, it should be used for at least 45 minutes and should be used till 12 hours before you clean the electrodes.
  • When the machine is done for a day, carefully remove the pads from your skin and effectively clean it with normal soap as well water. Do not pull it directly on the wires still it is attached to remove the pads. However if there are redness and irritation caused due to the pads or tape then next time you use it a different area of the skin.

Follow the instructions carefully properly and gift yourself an exclusive treatment of pain therapy.

What is Zero Gravity Massage Chair?

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What is Zero Gravity?

Zero Gravity Massage Chair

In this article, we will show you the definition and the benefit of Zero Gravity massage chair. According to Wikipedia, Zero Gravity or Zero-G refers to weightlessness. Weightlessness, or an absence of ‘weight’, is a state of not be being present of stress and strain resulting from outwardly applied mechanical contact-forces, commonly normal forces from, seats, floors, scales, beds and the like. When astronauts launch into space, they always have to deal with large compression on their body, but mostly on their spine. This phenomenon make astronauts plagued with weakness during the launch process. NASA did a lot of research to deal with this problem. At last, they found a perfect solution called ‘Neutral Body Posture’ which is excellent for uniformly distributing pressures on human body. Not only applied to astronauts, this technique is also applied to many field of wellness healing treatment.

For someone who considers fully relaxed method, the “Neutral Body Posture” is the excellent posture for relaxation. Taking human body a reclined position and elevating the feet above the heart and creating a torso-to-leg corner of about 128 degrees with +/-7 degrees of variation. “Anti-Gravity” and ‘90/90’ position is other ways to call this position. And Research Center for Sports and Healthcare Technology at Ritsumeikan University has claim that the “Natural Body Posture” is the best posture for physical relaxation.

Benefits of Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Benefits of Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Neutral Body Posture position is well applied in Zero Gravity Massage chairs; it offers the alleviation and relaxation on human body. With this advance, producer of zero gravity massage chairs also find out that many other health benefits and relaxation take place during this position.

  • Spread forces across the human body and prevent it from focusing force on the spine.
  • Reduce muscle tension through the natural relaxation effect of the posture
  • Reduce physical force on the heart as it has to beat slower to pump blood through body
  • Increase lung capacity through the expanding lungs in neutral position
  • Increase blood circulation and content of oxygen in blood through the ripple effect of larger lung capacity and reduce pressure heart.

All of these happened because of raising the legs above the heart and simulating a zero gravity position that take away physical force off the spine.

Maximum Relaxation in the Neck and Back

With S shape, the human spine separate into 3 regions: neck, lower back and upper back. When the body reach the state of no pressure which is natural position of the spine, our muscles of the spine are relief and in fully relaxation. In a Zero Gravity massage seat or lounger, the torso and thighs are in flawless arrangement, the feet loose over the level of the heart and head, and the hips and the lower legs make a 90 degree point between them. These Zero Gravity massage chair is designed to support the natural curves of the spine, the upper and lower back. Besides, neck and back are entirely tension and pain free.

Along with all of above benefits, the Zero Gravity massage chair also offers you a lot of benefits such as relief to the Muscles, expansion of the lungs and less pressure on the heart.

Electric Fireplaces Vs. Gas Fireplaces

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So, you have purchased your new home or are upgrading your old one, now what should you do to warm it up? Should you choose gas or electric for that just right feel? Well, let’s take a closer look at both of these to help you make an informed decision.

1. Gas Fireplace

Gas Fireplace

First, let’s start with gas fireplaces. These are perfect for the homeowner who plans on staying at their abode for a long time or are looking to get a good return on their real estate investment. I say this because, once installed, they become a permanent part of your home. Gas requires a licensed installer in most locals to install a gas line from your gas tanks outside to the unit positioned inside the house. Some units don’t require an exhaust pipe or venting but most do so installation would typically include drilling a vent hole and a gas line hole into the side of your structure. (Check your local codes for information about licensed installers but I highly recommend using one regardless for safety reasons.) Once installed these units burn so hot that they can even heat a whole house, depending on the house size! The adjustable height flame itself can be truly mesmerizing given its realistic look and feel. The surrounds come in many different shapes, designs and sizes to fit any budget or interior.

2. Electric Fireplace

Electric Fireplace

Next let’s consider electric fireplaces. These are perfect for those in apartments or condos as they can go anywhere and be uninstalled in a matter of moments. Installation is not much more then plugging a plug into an outlet!! They are also vent free. In laymen’s terms this means that they don’t need a chimney of any sort. That means no red tape to go through at the condo association or with your landlord. So, no drilling, holes in the house’s exterior and no installation fees!! They also come in handy when installing a fireplace in a room with no exterior walls. Want a cozy crackling fire in the middle of your living room but can’t put a chimney through your kitchen wall to accommodate a real one? Well just plug in an electric fireplace, break out the Champagne and curl up by the fire!! Electric fireplaces are also maintenance free and use almost the same amount of energy as a typical light bulb. If you don’t like the flame pattern, the flames on most models come fully adjustable and some models even come with air purifiers. All of these units come with zero clearance, allowing them to be safely placed directly against the wall. Despite their size most electric fireplaces can even heat up to a 10X10 room. Ok, now you are probably saying, “This sounds perfect for me but I have seen those cabinets they come with and they are cheesy looking!!” Not to worry, these come in many models, shapes, sizes and designs in all sorts of price ranges. Some cabinets look so realistic and expensive you can hardly tell they are fake!! Even the flame on a quality model can look outstandingly real!

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Electric Fireplace Benefits

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Electric Fireplace Benefits

If you dream of curling up in bed with a good book and a cozy fire dancing across the room, but your bedroom doesn’t have a fireplace, or would like to warm up your chilly basement recreation room in style, an electric fireplace might be ideal for you. You may be surprised at the variety of electric fireplaces available today and you’ll love their convenience. Here are five benefits of electric fireplaces.

1. Convenience

With an electric fireplace, you turn your fire on and off at will. There is no tedious fire-starting process or delayed gratification as with a wood burning fire. And your won’t have to wait for a fire to die down before you go to bed in the evening or find yourself waking up in the middle of the night worrying that a live ember may reignite. Today’s electric fireplaces usually come with a remote control so that starting and stopping your fire is as easy as pushing a button. More sophisticated electric fireplaces take convenience a step further with built-in thermostats that turn off the fireplace when a set temperature is reached and fans that distribute heat throughout the room.


2. Style

Electric fireplaces come in dozens of styles so that you can tailor the look of the fireplace to the room’s décor. In this respect an electric fireplace is like a piece of furniture to be incorporated into your interior decorating scheme. Electric fireplaces come in a variety of choices, including traditional wall fireplaces, corner fireplaces, fireplace stove heaters (with the look of wood burning stoves), wall-hanging fireplaces, and even fireplace television stands. Also, you can choose from a broad array of styles, from traditional or classic looks to contemporary and modern looks, and from dozens of materials and finishes, including woods, such as mahogany, walnut, oak and cherry, and metals. You might want to know how to choose the right electric fireplace.

3. Easy Installation

All you need is an electrical outlet. Place your electric fireplace wherever you want it, plug it in and you’re ready to go. As a result, an electric fireplace is ideal for rooms where you would like to have a fireplace but for any number of reasons (expense, structural limitations, space, inconvenience) can’t or don’t want to add a wood burning or gas fireplace. Also, an electric fireplace is portable, so it can easily be moved from one location in a room to another, from one room to another, and from one home to another.

4. Low Maintenance

Electric fireplaces require little maintenance beyond dusting or polishing the housing. There is no purchasing or cutting, stacking and handling wood, paying a chimney sweep to clean the chimney, and removing ashes and partly burned wood from the hearth.

5. Year-Round Use

You can enjoy cozy firelight any time of year with an electric fireplace. Just turn on the artificial flame without turning on the heat.

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